Vaseline is a common product that people all have inside our homes. However, what most of us neglect to realize could it be is a flexible product with so a great many other uses. Yes, there are simply just an AMAZING quantity of vaseline uses to consider.

great things about petroleum jellyAre you questioning what else vaseline can do for you? What you will discover out will be unexpected! Here are 21 uses of vaseline, a few of which you might have never heard about:

2VASELINE Uses – Body

Moisturize your dry out hands and feet

Before retiring to foundation for the night time, lather your elbows, hands, legs and legs with vaseline to be able to lock moisture content preventing dryness. Once you have applied the jelly, use mittens for the hands and socks for your foot to stay moisturized.

Stretch Your Lotion


In the event you’re working out of your daily cream and you frantically desire a moisturizer, simply add vaseline to your left over lotion and connect with your body, you’ll be content with the results.

Extend Your Perfume Scent

Classic perfume bottle

Exactly like body lotion, Vaseline is effective in stretching the aroma of your perfume. All you have to is to even a little bit of Vaseline on your throat and pulse items and await about a minute before making use of your perfume.

After-Shave Lotion

man shaving

It is important to correctly choose your aftershave because cream plus some moisturizers have tough chemicals which can have undesirable effects on your skin layer. Your skin is often very sensitive after shaving and for that reason, it’s easier to use Vaseline which is gentler on your skin layer. Probably it’s a far more inexpensive options as well!


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