Cervical Cancer: 10 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cervical cancer treatment

Cervical cancer has a success rate as high as 92% when diagnosed and cured during the first stages.*  & most important to notice is that about 90% of situations can be diagnosed early on via PAP and HPV exams.

So what for anyone who is looking for and what exactly are a few of the symptoms to understand?

1Leg Pain

Cervical Cancer

The Early phases of cervical cancers have several symptoms that you’ll require to understand.  Among the first that some women experience is bloating and pain in the feet. Once the cervix swells it can result in an obstructed blood circulation, which eventually triggers the knee to swell and provides a sore, unpleasant sensation.

Vaginal Release and Odor

cervical cancer treatment

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Cervical cancer causes: There are incredibly few women that haven’t experience genital discharge sooner or later! Having smaller amounts of clear release without color or scent is a standard part of a female’s life. However, if the quantity of vaginal discharge rises, has an undesirable smell or stench, or has any kind of irregular appearance, maybe it’s an indicator of the starting point cervical cancer.



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