Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Dangerous or Healthy?


Electronic Cigarettes were first released in the entire year of 2007 in US to slice throat the smoker’s behavior that have been impacting their health when they used tobacco with nicotine. Now, the level of popularity of this principle keeps growing and the ideas are developing that whether digital smokes are safe or not. As, more folks started eating it so it may have long-term impact.

Many concerns have arisen of these years with the growing acceptance of e-cigarettes. Many people are eating it and they have no idea the effects of computer. So, this knowledge difference and the consequences of e-cigarettes are regarding health experts. There are plenty of issues combined with e-cigarettes concept nowadays. Whether the sort of ingredients found in electronic cigarettes or how e-cigarettes are promoted, people have become more worried about the devices.

Now, this totally shifts the limelight on the e-cigarettes as though at whatever you come to mind then you have to know the consequences of the e-cigarettes whether you make use of it or not.

2Substances found in E-Cigarettes

Now, when you attend the profound of the picture, you’ll still don’t really know what will be the chemicals found in electronic cigarettes as the liquid solution. You’ll still don’t really know what will be their permanent results. Still manufacturers are boasting that the use of such devices is safe but there are extensive questions which were raised on the assumptions.

The FDA has examined the examples of two e-cigarettes from two popular makes. They found the traces of cigarette smoking which is not very surprising, nevertheless they also found some traces of poisonous chemicals such as carcinogens which cause malignancies. In addition they found some traces of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

Following this research, the FDA has granted a alert about the damage that you can do after eating e-cigarettes. Also, there is a report conducted by the experts of the College or university of South California, they found the vapor made by the e-cigarettes contains harmful degrees of metals which is much larger than the original cigarettes.

So, the experts assume that the metal allergens such as nickel and chromium are likely originated from the cartridge of the e-cigarette, so they advised for the better making of these devices. There is another review which advised that the consumption of e-cigarette influences the antimicrobial defenses of the bronchi in the mice. This review was criticized that the consequences were weighed against the mice not with the humans. Finally, the experts also explained that the nicotine found in the e-cigarettes can cause the skin cells to mutate which is the precursor to cancer tumor.

So, the writers have figured the long usage of smoking can cause cancers and the chance to the genes however the nicotine itself is not unsafe. In comparison with the original cigarette which includes cigarette tar and harmful chemical compounds when they are burnt, it is safer to use e-cigarette.


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