Privacy Policy has multiple users and the website respect the privacy of people visiting it for the solution of their health problems. The information collected from the user is kept confidential and complete privacy is ensured to have a secure system.

In the following privacy policy, the information about the collection, storage and use of data is provided. There are certain terms by complying with which you can get the services offered by When you agree to the privacy policy, this means that you give consent to use, collect and process your information.

Information collected from user

The non-personal information obtained by the website includes the details that do not identify you individually. The information is not made publically available to anyone, and no indication of the link is provided. It is the data which is regarding the services you get from

Multiple tools are used for the collection and then the interpretation of this data. Your geographic data, phone carrier and general information like these are collected. In the user is not willing to share this information, he is not eligible to use the services offered by the website.

Sharing of information

The data is completely secured, and the sharing takes place only among the contractors and partners who have already signed the agreement. It is made sure that no external party gets access to the information shared by the users. The sharing is done to analyze the service level and bring improvements to it.

Advertisements are also presented to you by this information. Development of services is done by expanding the services and products offered by Help from Google Analytics is also taken to track and count the users and then assist advertisement and other technology companies.

Ad technologies

The use of cookies and other latest technology is brought to use to advertise the content by companies. Your interest is keenly observed to target the right people and exchange information. It will improve the effectiveness of the advertisement process by third party companies.

The preferences, as well as characteristics of the audience, are observed, and then a network is built by this behavioral information. The advertisers or sponsors do not collect any personal information which will occur conflict over the longer run. Carefully observe the information asked from you and then agree to the privacy policy.

Use of information

There are multiple uses of the information collected from the users. It will help to provide the required service level or information to the users. The account made on the website help the company to notify customers. If the services on the website are updated, proper notification is given to all the registered customers so that they can obtain the benefit of that particular change. To improve the service level, information is collected which also serve following purposes.

  • The usage patterns of people are determined along with identification of real audience size. When actual size of people being served is present, the service level improves.
  • Interests are identified which make up a pattern of preferences by the customers. That pattern help in customization of services.
  • The searches you make are improved regarding speed. The results are shown in less time to improve the experience.
  • Every time the person log into the website or use the service, he is automatically detected by the system.

Security of information

The safety of information provided by the customer is important. The privacy policy makes it certain that no kind of breach occurs in the standards shared. Complete confidentiality according to the policy standards is performed. In addition to leakage of information, the company protects the data from modification, destruction, unauthorized usage and other such risks.

Also, the company provides the user with a password to access the website; it is the responsibility of the customer to protect that password to be safe. The information shared in public areas should not be personal, that will be visible to all users and make an issue.

In the end, it is totally h choice of customer that how he want his information to be used. ensures absolute security by latest software and security checks.