What Happens When You Stop Smoking – Timeline


Looking for a quit smoking timeline? Whether you are curious for yourself or someone near you, just what doe occur when you stop smoking? Today, smoking is one of the world’s top dependence. It’s also among the hardest to break with many saying that it’s more difficult than some drug dependence. So what are some benefits in quitting and when can you start to see some positive results?

224 Hours — Quit Smoking Timeline

What happens When you quit smoking? Well, your chance of developing a heart attack or stroke now begins to fall.

And at this Point your irritability and moodiness might be kicking into gear as your body starts to demand you give it what it is missing. It, the 48 hour mark may be somewhat rough but you just have to keep going to 72 hours when the tough, breaking the dependency part is over. Besides being irritable you may also find yourself with a hassle, both will pass soon enough.

On the plus Side — after the Carbon Monoxide and Nicotine quantities are reduced by half at 8 hours, at two days, they’re completely removed from the body. YAY! Progress and health. The lungs begin the process of eliminating smoking debris in addition to mucus. In addition, your nerve endings start to develop once again along with your sense of taste and smell is recovered. Things you did not smell or taste for the years that you smoked you can now smell and taste!

While it May have been a bit rough going for some of the last 24 hours, you DID IT! You made it through the physical dependence and worst cravings patch of the procedure. Huge SHOUT OUTS and congrats to you.

Now the Nicotine and the rest of the toxins in cigarettes have been removed from your body. The recovery process is beginning! For many this day is the beginning of items easing up a bit physically and emotionally.


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